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Escucha! Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox - Flux Compendium

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox

mié 17 Mar 2010 9 p.m.

entrada libre

Coming from Peter Rehberg's Editions Mego imprint comes this really rather excellent selection of chopped up noise and distortion from Aussie sound artists and some-time Sirr records affiliates Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox. The press release mentions something about it being concrete punk, and I can hardly dispute that; the record sounds like it's been made from millions of tiny chops of audio all pieced together (in that concrete style) into a series of quite gloriously haphazard tracks. There is a link here unsurprisingly to the work of label head Pita, but what Pateras and Fox are producing is somewhat more organic, less reliant on laptop textures and more punk in spirit. This is maybe a bridging record between the warring factions of computer noise and the US noise punks such as Wolf Eyes and Hair Police as we have Pateras on one side, mic in hand ready to scream the house down and Fox with his laptop in tow. Really amazing stuff and reminiscent to some degree of John Weise's totally killer 'Soft Punk' album - recommended.

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Gallais. duo musical de exploraciones auditivas y cognitivas.

Ricardo Gallo (teclado/juguetes), Benjamin Calais (arpas de piano, juguetes, amplificadores, motores)

sáb 02 Abr 2011 9 p.m.

entrada: 7k/5k estudiantes

el duo musical Gallais (Ricardo Gallo, Benjamin Calais) explora los limites del oído. tanto de manera espectral como dinámica como cognitiva. a traves de medios resonantes, excitadores, impulsos, energias cruzadas, intenciones sintonizadas

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