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Proyecto Norte-Sur - Catalina Peralta en vivo

Catalina Peralta

sáb 01 Nov 2008 9 p.m.

en el marco de la temporada de musica contemporanea de la orquesta filarmonica de bogota, Catalina Peralta nos presenta el Proyecto Norte Sur

acerca de CATALINA PERALTA CÁCERES (Universidad de Los Andes)

Nació en Bogotá, estudió composición en la Escuela Superior de Música y Artes Representativas de Viena, Austria, con el maestro Francis Burt.
En el Instituto de Música Experimental y Electroacústica de la misma ciudad, realiza su especialización con W. Zobl y D. Kaufmann (1987-89).
Es Magistra artium de la Universidad Mozarteum de Salzburgo (2007). Actualmente es Profesora Asociada en el Departamento de Música de la Universidad de Los Andes donde se desempeña como profesora de composición acústica-instrumental y electroacústica. Ha participado con sus obras en varios festivales entre los que se cuentan, Kontakte VIII, Berlín; Musik und Technik de Viena, y Trigésima octava Tribuna Internacional de Compositores de París. Entre otros, realizó el proyecto Psicopatia-Igitur o La Locura de Elbehnon, beca de creación otorgada por el Ministerio de Cultura.

Descripción del proyecto Norte Sur:

North and South Project

A sound bridge to link the Nordic Countries and South America through electroacoustic music

Jens Hedman - Raúl Minsburg

The Nordic Countries and South America have very different realities, traditions, languages and history. But one thing we have in common is, unfortunately, our lack of mutual knowledge. But distances seems to get closer nowadays and with the aid of the new means of communication we can certainly reversed this situation and make a rich interchange between our regions.


That's the reason we have decided to undertake the "North to South Project" with the certainty that one of the ways to understand and know a culture is through our ears: listening the soundscapes of cities, towns or of any other sample of the country where each composer lives and work.

The idea of a soundscape composition, as Barry Truax pointed, is the intent to document and represent recordings of various sonic environments to the listener in order to foster awareness of sounds that are often ignored, and hence to promote the importance of the soundscape in the life of the community


Immersed in digital technologies and computer processes from nowadays, electroacoustic music has ripen with new possibilities and can produce and transform these soundscapes in a way of communication by means of an artistic expression.

The idea is to make a CD release of sound works where every composer from the Nordic Countries has to work at least half of his composition with sounds made available by the Latin American composers and vice versa. All other sounds they choose to record themselves has to be put in the sound bank for others to use Every composer will have to finish a new work created from the sound sources available on the project's web site with a maximum duration of 4 minutes. Therefore in order to produce a CD, there will be about 18 composers involved.


As a way of improving communication between the composers involved, a mail group will be created to promote mutual knowledge by means of the written word, which will certainly generate rich debates that could give place to write an ensemble document, and other means of communication will be explored in order to make a better use of today's technology


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